How to Choose a Unique Topic for Your Hosting Website or Blog

Content is one of the most vital aspects when looking to engage your customers and strengthen your personal brand. However, before you even think about content, you must have a blog or a website. It’s so easy to create a blog or website these days. All you need is a domain name, a hosting company, a platform such as WordPress or Blogger, and you’re set to go. However, the secret to success in blogging is to choose a topic you are familiar with, or have affinity with. The topic should also be unique, which means it should be the least explored. Here are tips to help you choose a unique topic for your article or blog post:

Choosing a unique topic for your hosting website must start with your audience in mind

Before thinking of any topic to write about, take quality time to think about your target audience. The idea should be to choose a topic that connects with your audience. So you must do comprehensive research about your audience upfront by initiating real-time phone conversations, reading their emails and responding to them, engaging them on social media and so on. Ideally, you should get to understand their pain points and choose a topic that will address those.

Keep tabs on other hosting websites or blogs that are doing well on your chosen topic

If you want to choose an excellent topic for your article or blog post, make a point to follow successful blogs or websites in your niche. Pretty much everyone follows someone successful in order to draw inspiration from them. Follow these great bloggers and borrow their topic ideas. Then craft your own unique topic based on a combination of various topic ideas. Successful bloggers have been in the game for long, so they know the ins and outs of unique blog post topic selection.

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Take advantage of topic idea generation tools to find a unique topic for your hosting website or blog

There are many topic idea generation tools on the internet today such as Alltop, Tweak Your Biz Title Generator and Topsy. Essentially, these tools help you generate unique, trending and most searched topics in your niche. These tools will also reveal to you articles that have attracted more shares and engagements to enable you to choose a topic that will instantly set you up on the path to success.


Starting a blog post in this day and age is pretty easy. The advent of the new generation domain names has enabled aspiring bloggers and website owners to get cheap domains, affordable hosting website plans and around the clock customer support. These platforms also provide free hosting tips to enable you to host your blog or website seamlessly.