An outline of 5 Domain Name Generator Tools for Your Hosting Website

Choosing and buying the best domain name for your website is a tricky business these days. For starters, the good domain names are already taken, not to mention they are costly. The pretty cheap domains are not so good. They are difficult to spell, pronounce, memorize and include numbers and dashes, which can create inconveniences for searchers. However, special tools called domain name generators exist that can help you to easily search good domain names and perform domain search availability simultaneously. Here are a few:

  • – Offers a simple way to generate domain names and do domain search availability

Namevine offers flawless and instant domain name search from a single page. The website runs on Ajax, which means all search queries show instantly without the slow page loads and refresh. All you need to do is type in your keyword, and the resultant domain names options are displayed in less than 10 seconds.

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  • – Enjoy multiple domain name generation, domain search availability, and social media checks

This domain name generator tool allows you to enjoy three worlds: domain name generation, domain search availability and social media availability check. It’s able to generate TLDs like .com, .net, and .org, as well as new generation name domains like .hospital.

  • DomainsBot – A robust domain name generation and domain search availability tool

DomainBot is a sophisticated tool to generate domain names as it requires that you be a savvy domain name speculator. Decide on your preferred keyword and type in the search bar. A wide range domain name options will appear, with an addition of prefixes, suffixes, and Top Level Domain extensions in your search results. Most importantly, DomainsBot shows you real-time availability of domain names, as well as their relevant Facebook and Twitter,  handles to-boot.

  • SpinXO WordPress Names – A WordPress brand for domain generation for your hosting website

This tool provides domain name feedback in relation to your answers to some questions. The tool will provide you with search boxes to key in your name, your personal hobbies, things you like, important numbers and words. It will present you 30 names. You can click on individual names to determine availability or spin again to present a new list of names to choose from. It also generates user name availability for the social networks.

  • Panabee comes to your rescue when searching for domain names and to undertake domain search availability

Panabee offers a simplified way to search out domain names, company names and app names. It allows you to define or describe something in two words and generates domain names in relation to those two words. The primary extensions are .coms, but you’re at liberty to see other extensions.